Road Trip to Arlington Texas!

Hija here, yet again and I have traveled through the great big state of Texas in search of my next big adventure! While some of my trips are uneventful, there are others that are certainly more memorable than others. I just recently came back from a trip to Arlington, Texas and I will admit that this was one trip that I will never forget.

When I travel, I tend to book a place to say through AirBnB. Since I can get great deals, it frees up more of my money so I can do other things. I came across a place that was far cheaper than expected, so there was no way that I could pass it up. Everything was fine at first, the host met me at the door and the home was just as advertised, but things went downhill on day three…

I had just returned from a trip to the Arlington Museum of Art and I was ready to relax and unwind for the night when the lights went out. It seems as the house electrical panel went down. So, I tried getting in touch with the host, but there was no answer. I had to focus on finding nearby electricians in Arlington Texas and I am not even from the area. This was quite an adventure in itself.

I know that I cannot expect all of the providers to charge dropdown prices, but since it was the weekend, it seems like all of the electricians in Arlington Texas were trying to charge a premium. I ended up getting in touch with more than ten different options before I found one that was reasonable.

They came out quickly and got the power restored much sooner than expected. Hopefully, I will not have to deal with anything like this again when visiting the area, but I know who to call if I do. And I thought this article served well when I was doing my research on making sure they are licensed and know what they are doing. Oh ya and if you want to become a licensed electrician, then check this helpful video out!

My Trip To My Friend’s Tree Service Company!

Hey it Hiju here and I found myself wondering through McKinney, Texas. Now, I have to say I am really happy that I did go to McKinney as I ran into my good friend who owns one of the best McKinney tree service companies in the area. What else was really cool about his company is the fact that it is one of the only tree service companies that donates left over fertilizer to the nursing homes for their flowers! Which is pretty cool of Tree Service Pros of McKinney I got to explore quite a bit of the North Texas area. While, you may be under the misconception that Texas is nothing more than a flat land that is almost desert like, I have to say this is far from the truth and now I would like to share my adventures.

Now, one of the first things I have to say is I really did not think I would like the region that much because I had always heard it was hot and the people were grumpy. However, this is far from the truth and the people are very nice and I will admit that I did make even more friends than I imagined here. This actually led to my friend and I both getting to eat out quite a bit, but also meet people that we never would have met before.

The work that I did while exploring North Texas was more like walking along the home area that I come from. The region was actually very nice and it helped me in getting to get the best experience possible because I got to do quite a bit of hiking and seen a lot of the natural beauty of the region. This was not really something that I expected to do because it helped me in seeing that like I said the misconception of the North Texas area of being almost desert area was completely false and the region actually had a lot trees, which my friend cuts and keeps trimmed up.

What else I really liked is the food you can enjoy in North Texas. I have to say the food was not something I expected to be glowing in the region, but with all the variety of home cooked meals and family-owned restaurants it was very wholesome food and definitely something that I really have to admit was an amazing meal selection and some of the most robust diets I have found in America. The food has even helped me see that America does have some great food and it is not all salt and sugar. I will tell you, though, make sure you like Dr. Pepper or you could be in some problems as Dr. Pepper is the drink of Texas it seems.

North Texas is a very beautiful area and one that I really fell in love with. However, I have to say if you are going to North Texas make sure you have a good friend that gets out in the area. Just like my friend who owns one of the best McKinney tree service companies to get out and explore the area.

Why America is a Great Place to Go Travelling Right Now

America is one of the most amazing countries in the entire world and is no doubt one of the most interesting and best places to go traveling. Because of the recession (that has hit the USA particularly bad), it has never been a better time to go traveling there and to experience the sights and sounds of the great nation of liberty. The recession has lead to a decrease in tourism, and this decrease in demand has lead to tourist spots and everything tourism-related to lower their prices (such as bed-and-breakfasts’) meaning you can now stay in places for less than ever.

Because of the size of the country, there are so many different things to see, as each state is almost like its own self-contained culture.

When I was traveling America last year, the thing that I liked most was how easy it was to travel long distances and the quality of the infrastructure. When I traveled through Vietnam it took us 30 hours to drive a mere 200 miles. That’s 6.6 miles an hour! By contrast, it took me only 4 hours to drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas – a journey of equal distance.

Traveling America Cruises Style

Looking for a cruise that won’t break the bank and will ensure that you enjoy the best of travel? You don’t have to look very far as you can take advantage of the America Cruises experience that waits for you. America Cruises is a small ship cruise line that has you covered for over 9 destinations around the country like Florida, Maine, and the Chesapeake Bay. And you don’t even have to suffer traveling with too many people which make the trip all that more personalized for you.

When it comes to travelers, America Cruises knows how to treat them best. It may be that you are only going around to places within the country, but the services, amenities, activities, and entertainment programs with America Cruises will have you believe that you are actually on an international cruise. This is the kind of experience that waits for you. An all-American crew just makes the trip even more worthwhile as you will not bump into any communication barriers.

Step on board and you will see what it means to truly enjoy an American Cruises holiday. You will get your hands on some of the best facilities that rival those of huge luxury liners. Their activities will also keep you wanting for more as you have fun learning about the different destinations that you are bound for. And if you just want to kill time and relax, then do it while watching life go by on the open deck or glass-closed lounge. You can even enjoy a dining experience that you would expect at a five-star restaurant as their well-trained chefs serve you up a menu that will keep your mouth watering for more.

Traveling America By Motorcycle

While you are camping on a motorcycle, you can enjoy a sense of freedom nearly impossible to get anywhere else. You will have control over where you go, and the scenery is bound to be impressive, especially the sunrises and sunsets. You can see all kinds of fantastic places, like lush forests, majestic mountains, and gorgeous lakes.

There is a multitude of campgrounds you can stop at too. Enjoy the benefits of a shower and maybe a swimming pool at some, or truly rough it at others, relying only on what you brought and what you can find. Of course, you will want something to sleep in. Motorcycle camping tents are a great way to keep warm if it gets chilly in the spring or fall. They are easy to pack up and store on your bike, so you can be ready to go in just minutes. Taking such a journey will probably mean venturing into unknown territory.

You will probably want to bring along a few maps, or a GPS system. There may not also be someone around that you can ask directions.

Choosing a motorcycle tent to fit your needs may be easier than you think. Several tent manufactures offer these specialty tents. Some riders are able to incorporate various styles and models of backpacking tents as well. When shopping for a tent that fits nicely onto your bike, it’s important to choose one that’s lightweight, compact in size but is large enough for you and your gear. Catoma is a leading manufacturer of motorcycle camping tents and offers several sizes to accommodate just about any situation.

Camping is not the only thing you can do on a motorcycle. There is no reason you cannot see major cities and iconic landmarks as well. Some people see cycling as a solitary activity. But there is no reason you cannot bring a friend with you. There are even clubs dedicated to motorcycles, where you can probably find a few willing members to accompany you on your journey. With how pricey gas is becoming, motorcycles are becoming more and more attractive. They are fun and exciting, easy to ride and consume far less fuel than most cars. If you want to take a camping trip, or just see part of the country, motorcycles are the way to go. Go by yourself or with a friend, and see how much fun a motorcycle trip can be.

Traveling Through the Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley is the region surrounding Cuzco and is what you will pass through if you plan to visit Machu Picchu. Cuzco was the capital city of the former Incan Empire, but many of their buildings and constructions were destroyed when the Spanish invaded and took over. Although the city was the epicenter of all things Inca, it was surrounded by satellite cities and buildings. These were damaged by the Spanish, but typically not rebuilt upon (as they were in Cuzco), meaning that today the Sacred Valley has some of the best Inca ruin remains in all of Latin America.

Pisac is about 30 kilometers outside of Cuzco and is famous for its traditional artisan and food market. It is also the location of some massive Inca ruins. Situated on top of a hill, the Pisac ruins are surrounded by terraces and often overlooked by tourists on one-day Sacred Valley tours. The ceremonial center and temples are some of the site’s highlights.

Another great place to visit in the Sacred Valley is Moray. Although this location does not have any ruins, it does have several intriguing downward spiraling agricultural terraces. Right next to a steep valley drop off, creating a direct path to snow-covered mountain peaks beyond, this was where the Incas experimented with different types of seeds, soil, and growing patterns. They used their knowledge to increase their food supply, strength, and characteristics.

One of the most famous towns in the Sacred Valley is Ollantaytambo. The town is tiny and ancient, which is what makes it so attractive. It has been continuously inhabited since the 13th century, and the original walkways and structure of half of the town are original. Visitors actually walk along the same streets the Incas did, which although this can be done at ruin sites, doing it along currently occupied streets where locals live and work is remarkable, as if one is stepping back in time.

The main attraction at Ollantaytambo is its massive hillside ruins. The ruins sit upon a layer of green terraces, which are lined by well-structured stone supports. After climbing up a steep staircase, visitors are rewarded with two main impressive structures: the Temple of 10 Niches and the Sun Temple. Both include large rocks that were hauled from a quarry six kilometers away and perfect stone alignment. The ruins offer a great view of the valley, surrounding mountains, and the town below. However, for the best view in Ollantaytambo, head up the mountain directly across from the main ruins, where several Incan storehouses are located. These alternative ruins are free to visit and give you the best view of the main Ollantaytambo ruins.